Why would anyone care?

Posted by Mikhail Tikhonov on May 04, 2020 · 2 mins read

When I was writing the first post, I was extremely sure that it would be easy for me to continue. I started a blog firstly to get rid of the things in my head – I was thinking and overthinking different stuff. I thought that it would be nice to summarize my reflection process and to give others some brain food to start their reflection, but ever since I posted the first one, I really had no new interesting inner discussions. All the reflection seemed too useless and then I finally caught myself reflecting on whether I should do the blog thing at all. “Why would anyone care?” was the question that raised inside my head. Even though I got a lot of good feedback on the previous post (which means people do care what I write and process), I started to feel like blogging is not a thing. What could I say, that hasn’t been said?

The point is that you don’t have to be unique in what you say. There are tons of information on the internet so even known things can be an inspiration. For example, I had a small chat with one of my best friends and realized she doesn’t know a lot about her possibilities. She wants to change the course of her education, but she knew about a few options of programs and other people from my network, which could benefit her. My passive knowledge and network connections turned out useful for her and that surprised me a lot. Then I realized that it’s the whole point of posting yourself out on the internet – we all have different knowledge and backgrounds, forming almost unique combinations and that’s worth sharing. I think people should post more about their struggles, their ideas, thoughts, little (and big) foundations and discoveries.