Online conference on Statistical Mechanics, Integrable Systems and Probability

Online conference on Statistical Mechanics, Integrable Systems and Probability

April 27 - May 1, everywhere in the world

The entire world has become disconnected. The scientific community has been no exception with cancellations of conferences, seminars, and research visits. We aim to provide an alternative online approach to traditional conferences. The pandemic should not be a barrier for scientists all over the world to connect, present, discuss their results, and collaborate. One can say that personal contact is one of the core features of the conferences, but in current situation we have to adapt and try something new.

The conference we propose is experimental, but successful online approaches can later be incorporated into offline events.


All times are US East Coast (see the table below for conversion).

Zoom room:, password: schur

Monday, April 27

Wednesday, April 29

Friday, May 1

Design of the conference

During informal discussions you are very welcome to present “posters”. Slack will have a separate section for posters and their disscussion. If you want to present your poster please e-mail the PDF to before the conference starts.

Deadline for “poster” submission is April 24

The link to zoom / stream will be published on the website, so anyone can join in. To be added to the Slack coffee break discussions, please register here.

Some basic points to keep in mind:

Format and timezones

The planned dates are April 27 - May 1, with the following format. There will be three days of plenary talks (April 27, 29 and May 1), at different times to accompant a mixture of timezones. Each day will feature two or three talks.

Date US East Coast Paris Moscow Japan
Monday, April 27 8PM Monday 2AM Tuesday 3AM Tuesday 9AM Tuesday
Wednesday, April 29 8:30AM Wednesday 2:30PM Wednesday 3:30PM Wednesday 9:30PM Wednesday
Friday, May 1 7:30AM Friday 1:30PM Friday 2:30PM Friday 8:30PM Friday

The rest of the time is devoted so that people can watch recorded talks; have discussions in slack, engage in ad hoc collaboration, and of course so that the participants can attend to other essential business at home.


Mikhail Tikhonov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Leonid Petrov (University of Virginia and ITTP)

If you have any questions you can reach us at